DigiNurse - Learning ICT Supported Nursing for Self-Management of Patients

The aim of the project

The main objective of the project is to develop the DigiNurse model for nursing education. It will be a generic model containing organisational, educational and professional elements for development of students’ digital competence. From the organisational perspective the objective is that the organisation provides administrative support, economical resources and learning facilities for teachers and students.

The DigiNurse model will offer the necessary learning digital skills in nursing which in turn help in the coaching of patients’ self-management with chronic conditions. A set of practical guidelines how to use this model will be developed.

Project Partners

The partners are Tampere University of Applied Sciences, University of Ljubljana, The Nursing School of Coimbra, Thomas More University College, Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The project is Funded by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for higher education.