UMCH Teachers: ‘Coaching is better than advising’- Let’s hear them out

DigiCare project applies principles of coaching to enhance and improve teachers' and students' skills on how to improve self-management competence of people with chronic condition. The concept might be quite unfamiliar to some healthcare educators but our project partners are doing amazing work to promote coaching and its benefits.

Last week in 1st of November 2022, our DigiCare UMCH team organized a teacher’s training in our institution. However, we were not sure if teachers could attend the event, as the medical exams were knocking at the door. So, the day before their training, we met with them and explained them the goal and benefit of our project. We were keeping our fingers crossed that they would attend the meeting.

To our surprise, all of them attended the meeting. But at first, we felt they were not much interested as they had a lot of work to do. Still, when we started our event, at some point, they realized that the DigiCare model would benefit them both in terms of education and healthcare delivery system.

When we told them about GROW and 5As’ model, they thought coaching with these models was necessary.  We asked them why they thought so; then one of them told me, ‘If you advise a smoker not to smoke because it is bad for your health, he will never listen to you. But if you coach him through GROW model and after that ask them to rate himself/herself from 1-10, it will show his level of motivation to change his smoking habit.” One of them said, ‘I will attend all the future activities of the DigiCare project.” Another teacher said,’ I will teach my students about coaching methods”.

At the end of the training, all the participants expressed optimism about the success of the project, leaving our team happy as well.

by Dr. Nandita Pia and Mohammad Atiq Ullah Khanadaker


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