ESEnfC Team Educating in NDUN

ESEnfC team from Coimbra, Portugal educated Nam Ding University faculty members and PhD students about quantitative research methods. The session was received with interest and enthusiasm to utilize learned method.

Teachers and researchers from the ESEnfC, Nursing School of Coimbra, (Coimbra, Portugal) held a session titled “Translation, cultural adaptation and psychometric validation of instruments” for faculty members and PhD students from Nam Dinh University of Nursing (Nam Dinh, Vietnam).

The session focused on the structured process for adapting existing measuring instruments (e.g., questionnaires, scales, inventories) to local languages and cultures, as well as the fundamental steps required to ensure its construct and criterion validity.

After an initial theoretical overview, the members from the ESEnfC, Nursing School of Coimbra shared the work developed by the DigiCare project partners with the Self-efficacy and performance in self-management support (SEPSS-36) scale and the Technology Assessment Model (TAM) scale.

The session was followed by several questions from the audience and enthusiasm to use similar processes in their own work.

by Pedro Parreira, Anabela Salgueiro Oliveira, Paulo Costa, and Ana Neves


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