Artificial intelligence is changing the society. AI and data science enable us to develop our processes, working methods and businesses. They also offer ideas, tools and methods for service development and business solutions for companies.

AI development requires commitment and human resources in companies. Starting to utilize AI can be challenging for companies. There aren’t many examples and success stories available yet how to implement AI solutions in the most beneficial way.

The AI-champions project guides the companies using AI in order to find the best benefits for each company. The idea of the project is that one employee of the company is chosen to be AI-champion. The AI-champion has already basic knowledge about AI and business development and is able to implement the changes in the company.

The first step for the project is to recognize and find AI-champions in the companies. The second step is to support the AI-champions in making an R&D assignment in order to implement AI PoC trial for new business case.

The result of the project is a new AI-champions model, which supports the AI-champion in the activities needed to implement the changes inside the company. The model contains real life instructions, guidelines and examples how to get things done in practice as well. The AI-champions project gives the company the opportunity to improve existing businesses or create a new business by utilizing AI. The project also enables networking with other AI-champions. The purpose of AI-champions network is to share new ways of working with data and AI with other companies who also are willing to utilize AI in improving their business.