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Virtual Platform for Medical Device Training – A virtual learning platform solution that certifies and develops health technology and medical device expertise

The virtual / digital learning environment developed in the project provides the healthcare professional with an easily accessible and reachable learning platform that supports co-development. The uniform and standarsized education and learning environment and competence assessment model provided by the virtual / digital learning environment will improve the quality of digital systems and equipment competencies of healthcare professionals working in the healthcare and social welfare field. Competence certification reduces incidents and hazards and increases customer and patient safety and well-being at work. Virtual (VR, XR) and augmented reality (AR) learning environments facilitate, unify, and develop professional use of digital systems and medical devices.

The project’s innovative virtual /digital learning environment motivates healthcare and social welfare employees to use digital devices, systems and technologies and develop skills. In this way, the long-term indirect effects of the project will also be achieved by telemedicine, home and home nursing clients and, for example, personal carers, as the skills of professionals can be better verified and the professional can guide others more expertly in digital systems, health and medical technology.

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Project manager Minna Tiainen

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