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Rethink Gastro – project

The project improves the well-being of the employees in a way that simultaneously enhances firm’s productivity. The objective is to improve participating companies’ practices, processes, communication and leadership skills as well as innovation capabilities and creativity. As an impact, the project pursues to enhance entrepreneurship, business continuity capabilities, and profitability in the restaurant sector. In addition, the project aims to improve sector’s operational preconditions as well as employee attractiveness in general.


Restaurant sector is an important employer, its customer base is exceptionally large, and it has an essential role in people’s everyday life and celebration. However, the restaurant sector has particularly suffered from the COVID-19 and the related restrictions on restaurants’ opening hours and seating capacity. The pandemic has also challenged the well-being of the sector’s employees and entrepreneurs in an unprecedented way.

Rethink Gastro project supports restaurant sector’s revival by developing employee well-being, productivity, and business models. Well-being of the employees has a direct link to productivity and through that, has a wider impact on the profitability as well as business development preconditions. Therefore, the project especially aims to support employee well-being and business continuity in the changed, post-pandemic operating environment.

The target group of the project are the small and medium sized enterprises and their employees in the Pirkanmaa region in Finland.

For the participating companies, Rethink Gastro offers practical support and training for developing employee well-being and productivity. Company-specific development plans consider the unique challenges and needs of the participating companies. The development activities cover, for example, employee surveys, development workshops, well-being measurements, and company/employee trainings. Employees of the participating companies are involved throughout the development process. All development measures will be planned and implemented together with TAMK specialists.

In developing employee well-being and productivity, a specific attention is paid to the realization of the horizontal principles. These include, for example, gender equality, ageing, and sustainable development.

Funding source

The project is funded by European Social Fund (ESF) 2014-2020.

Contact person

Project manager Markus Jähi