The Project:

The project aims to develop patterns and activities for the cultural economy to survive over the state caused by the pandemic. It will also disseminate the results via seminars, social media and by producing a resilience-in-action guidebook for future access to all interested free of charge.

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the cultural economy have been profound for most of the festivals.

The cultural economy consists not only of content provision, management and producing activities, but also services, including catering and tourism. The project focuses on two case studies (festivals), but also stakeholders (associations, regional and nation-level authorities) are involved in the project. The project reveals the vulnerabilities of different social groups in this exceptional situation, such as gender, ethnicity and insecure employment, and proposes taking them into account when organizing development work around resilience. The aim is to be realised as follows: research, involvement-based activities for co-creating the patterns and practices for surviving the state of emergency and producing a guidebook for disseminating the survival patterns and practices for the festival organizations and related service producers.

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