Open guest lecture series: Urban political economy and sustainability (Autumn term 2022)

POSTCAPE presents together with the multidisciplinary research platform STUE (Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments) at Tampere University a guest lecture series on urban political economy and sustainability during the autumn term of 2022.

The lecture series focuses on how political-economic relations shape and constrain policies aimed at promoting urban sustainability and brings together scholars who have examined urban sustainability across scales from the local to the global and further to the planetary and problematized the “methodological cityism” of urban studies. The lectures also highlight the importance of examining urban sustainability dynamics beyond Eurocentric contexts and including themes such as racial capitalism into inquiries about urban sustainability.

The lectures are open to the members of the university community at Tampere University as well as to the general public. Students taking the lectures as a credit-yielding option present essays on the theme at a student mini-conference at the end of November. See details in Sisu; registration opens on Aug 1st. Note the change of the date of the student miniseminar!

The course is sponsored by STUE – Sustainable Transformation of Urban Environments action grant. STUE is a profiling area in Tampere University.

The lectures are followed by a wine&snacks receptions for informal discussions. Please, sign-up for the receptions via the links below.

Contact course coordinator mikko.poutanen(a) for details.

Lecture dates Lecturer Topic
21.9. Daria Krivonos Ukrainian migration, racial capitalism and labour
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12.10. Özlem Celik (University of Helsinki) Financialisation of housing and the role of the state: Can sustainability be achieved?
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26.10. Derek Ruez (Tampere University) The politics of compassionate urbanism
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2.11. Ville Kellokumpu (University of Oulu) The violent abstractions of ’the urban’: From a depoliticized urbanism towards a political economy of space
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16.11. Mika Hyötyläinen (Uppsala University) From welfare cities to property cities: The political economy of public real estate policy in the Nordics
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7.12. (note date changed!) Student miniseminar