A new book: The Politics of Ailment: A New Approach to Care

Cover image of the book The Politics of Ailment: New approach to care, by Minna Zechner, Lena Näre, Olli Karsio, Antero Olakivi, Liina Sointu, Hanna-Kaisa Hoppania and Tiina Vaittinen, Policy Press

As part of the Vaiva Collective, PostCaPE team member Tiina Vaittinen published a coauhthored monograph The Politics of Ailment: A New Approach to Care. The approch is necessary for rethinking the futures of post/capitalism in caring ways.

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Zechner, M., Näre, L., Karsio, O., Olakivi, A., Sointu, L., Hoppania, H-K., Vaittinen, T. (2022). The Politics of Ailment: A New Approach to Care. Policy Press.


Deficiencies in old age care are some of the most pressing human rights concerns in mature welfare states.

This book radically challenges the ethics of viewing care as a tradeable commodity and introduces a novel framework for understanding and analysing social care through the concept of ailment. Providing examples from the British and Finnish welfare states, it demonstrates how ailment shapes societies from the micro to the macro level. Addressing the marketisation and financialisation of care, the authors bring to light increasing inequalities in care.

This book argues that ailment is part of human life and society, and therefore the politics of care should begin with a politics of ailment.


“All humans care, yes, but all humans also ail, and this reality matters greatly. This innovative introduction of the concept of ailment is an indispensable addition to care studies.” Joan C. Tronto, University of Minnesota

“This highly topical work offers innovative perspectives on old-age care and on the implications of thinking with ailment for social policies. A must-read for those interested in care.” Hanne Marlene Dahl, Roskilde University


Book homesite: https://policy.bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/the-politics-of-ailment

Video: https://youtu.be/fBeJdU-sveA

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