Urban Political Economy Lectures

In autumn 2022, the Postcape project together with the multidisciplinary research platform STUE organized a series of public lectures focusing on how political-economic relations shape and constrain policies aimed at promoting urban sustainability. The lectures brought together scholars who have examined urban sustainability across scales -- from the local to the global and further to the planetary -- and who have problematized the "methodological cityism" of urban studies. The lectures in the series also highlighted the importance of examining urban sustainability dynamics beyond Eurocentric contexts and including themes such as racial capitalism in inquiries about urban sustainability.

The lectures were also offered to Tampere University students as study module (5 ECTS). One of the promised deliverables of the research project being the production of Open Access learning material on International Political Economy, we share here the recorded lectures as well as a handout containing a reading list and some ideas for how the lectures could be used in university teaching. The videos have been recorded and edited by Timo Uotinen and Anna Rajala.

Daria Krivonos: Ukrainian Migration, Racial Capitalism and Labour

Derek Ruez: The Politics of Compassionate Urbanism

Ville Kellokumpu: The Violent Abstractions of the ‘Urban’

Mika Hyötyläinen: From Welfare Cities to Property Cities:
The Political Economy of Public Real Estate Policy in the Nordics

For more information, please, contact Mikko Poutanen (mikko.poutanen@tuni.fi)