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PDM2sme - Product Data Management to Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Our objectives

The PDM2sme project (1 Oct 2019 – 31 Dec 2021) is implemented by Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences as a joint project. The main objective of the project is to enhance the product and lifecycle management (PDM/PLM) expertise of the companies in the target group of the project, promoting and supporting enterprise growth and customer compliance in supply chain networks.

In the project, new educational contents and educational concepts are produced and tested utilizing the latest tools and methods of user-centred design, communication, media and virtualreality.

The aim of the project is to develop and improve the quality and offering of product and lifecycle management education for manufacturing industry, paying attention especially to small and medium-sized enterprises and their specific needs for digitalization.


The project activities will promote and support the growth and expertise of the companies and the development of their stakeholder network. Implementing the project results and disseminating the produced knowledge nationally will ensure the development of the competitiveness and the increased productivity of the companies.

The resulting educational content will provide companies with the ability to select, implement and utilize the programs and systems that are best suited to product and lifecycle management company-specifically.

The project also produce knowledge and understanding of the use of media and communications practices and tools in the education of product management and related product processes. The new operative model created, developed using service design methods, enables the development of the business of the companies as the expertise in product and life cycle management increases. The educational concept is verified by piloting.

As the result of the new expertise, companies’ capabilities for growth in digitized product development, production and service networks will be

Dissemination and cooperation

The results of the project will be disseminated and put into practice regionally and nationally. The project will also develop interregional cooperation that enables international growth.

Also, the project helps to meet the challenge of a skilled workforce in the areas suffering from structural change. The collaborative project will enable the direct and indirect target groups to acquire, through multilevel and comprehensive service-oriented educational content, the new competencies needed to select, implement and utilize PDM/PLM systems.


The project is financed by European Social Fund (ESF) and Central Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Project Manager

Mika Nikander

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • +358505345710

Project team

Petri Pohjola

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • +358505927460