Printed Box Set

We printed 50 cardboard printed copies of the game in 2021. There are a few left (In English-Finnish) and they are sold for 50e+VAT (including delivery). Inquiries: Nina.nygren(a) .

The game is suitable for 12-99 year old players. It is played by 4 or 6 players (or e.g. gaming pairs), and we have tested it especially for educational use. Instruction books contain tips for using the game in teaching. One gaming session lasts ca. 2h. Our recommendation in educational use is to combine gaming with reading (or some other material) beforehand and debriefing of 30-60 minutes after gaming.

These boxed sets will include:

  • ca. 44cm x 18cm x  9cm printed box
  • Two instructions books in two languages
  • Printed and laminated cards
  • 2mm cardboard tokens
  • 2mm cardboard scoring and round tracker
  • 1 six sided die
  • Four woodden pawns