Kompensaatiopeli – Offsetting game features nine different characters. Characters are divided in two opposing camps, conservationists and developers. Each conservationist has a bit different aims and tactical tools in their use, and each developer is interested in different projects. Find out more by playing the game!

Uupunut lintubongari

Burned-out birder

Your life-long efforts to save nature have been fruitless and you have become bitter and frustrated. Safeguarding the remaining nature from encroaching development is your last crusade.

Goal: Setting nature aside out of human reach
Mood: Cynical and dispirited


Ökyrikas rahantakojaFilthy rich money-maker

You have fought long and hard to gain your fortune, and now you can reap the benefits from the most lucrative projects. You know how to betray, lie and deceive. Some hippies and little flowers are not going to prevent you from getting what you desire the most: more money!

Goal: Growing an empire of profitable projects
Mood: Greedy and invincible


Innostunut maailmanpelastajaEnthusiastic planet saver

You like to negotiate and find solutions. You manage offsetting projects and conduct pioneering conservation experiments in collaboration with companies. Let’s work together for a better world!

Goal: Offsetting damages to nature
Mood: Energetic and hopeful


Start-up-pöhisijäStart-up dreamer

After travelling for your family business around the world, you had a revelation: money is not the most important thing. You invest in sustainable projects and believe that development and conservation are compatible through offsetting. Human potential is unlimited!

Goal: Saving the world with sustainable projects
Mood: Optimistic and driven


ElokapinallinenExtinction rebel

Capitalism and economic growth have fucked up the planet, and sustainable development and offsetting are just avatars of the same dying system. This has to stop! You know how to attract public attention and mobilize people.

Goal: Stopping the destruction of nature by any means necessary
Mood: Angry and impatient


Cynical materialist

Growing up as a factory worker, you unexpectedly inherited lucrative shares in the mining industry. You are now ruling an empire in the materials business that your ungrateful, lazy children can’t wait to inherit. Did someone say nature? There is nothing more natural than what is buried in the ground, it is just temporarily circulating in human hands.

Goal: Investing in as many materials projects as possible
Mood: Bitter and resentful


Liikenteen onnenonkijaMobile opportunist

In your former position as the minister of transport, you dismantled the state monopolies and are now harvesting the results as an investor in mobility services. The people and the goods are on the move, no anarchists or protected species can stop the circulation of capital!

Goal: To invest in as many mobility projects as possible
Mood: Entitled and austere


Energinen visionääriEnergetic futurist

You became rich by selling your patent of revolutionary carbon capturing technology to fossil fuel giants. You think humankind should leave the problems of planet earth behind and harvest the extraordinary powers of technology: Space exploration! Genetic engineering! Time travel! By investing in lucrative energy projects you will accumulate enough resources to realize these dreams!

Goal: To invest in as many energy projects as possible
Mood: Megalomaniac and head in the clouds


KiinteistömiljonääriReal estate millionaire

You are the most successful real estate investor in the country. You know how to charm people, organize cocktail parties and fake a smile. Living the high life is much more rewarding than worrying about weeds and mosquitoes.

Goal: Investing in as many real-estate projects as possible
Mood: Manipulative and egocentric