The very first training day!

On Friday 2 February 2018, future kindergarten teacher mentors from Tampere, Kangasala, Ylöjärvi, Nokia, Lempäälä and Pirkkala gathered for the first mentor training day in spite of heavy snowfall.

During the day, the participants engaged in team-building activities while also getting to know their trainers by means of the ‘frozen statue’ method. Refreshments on offer during the coffee break were also praised from day one!

In the afternoon, Armi Kurkikangas started a training theme entitled ‘The mentor as a professional’. Among other things, the participants reflected on what humanity means.

During the first day, the process of growing as a mentor was launched with in-depth reflection on the topic. This theme will continue next time in small groups.

First thoughts from a course participant:

‘You feel privileged that you get to reflect on things for which you don’t normally have time in everyday life.’