Mentors to support ECEC Leaders

Mentor training for ECEC leaders (10 cr.)

The second phase of the key project focuses on training ECEC leaders to provide support for professionals taking up leadership positions and those already working as leaders.

The training course builds mentoring to support leadership, starting out in a leadership position and professional development in early childhood education and care. The course highlights learning good supervision practices as well as the changing demands of ECEC work and leadership and the expertise and identity of a leader. Alongside an individual’s professional development, mentoring also benefits their team, working community and organisation.

The course includes nine face-to-face training days and participants also start their own mentoring work. Furthermore, mentors guide leaders starting out in their careers as they draw up their individual professional development plans.

Applications for mentor training in spring 2018

Mentor training for ECEC leaders provided in autumn 2018

Mentoring groups or one-on-one mentoring launched in winter 2019

Training continues into spring 2019

The training course is provided free of charge for participants. The training project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.