Mentor training for ECEC Teachers

The key project’s mentor training course for ECEC teachers trains participants as mentors both for supervision of student teachers’ work-based learning and for their early career stages.

The course highlights good supervision practices, changing demands of ECEC work, shared leadership and the guidelines of the National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. The course provides capabilities for supporting professional development. Furthermore, it explores the effects of the changing world of work on professional roles and educator teams.

Each ECEC teacher starting out in their career prepares an individual professional development plan together with the mentor. The mentor supports the new employee’s entry as a member of the pedagogical community. Representatives from the world of work cooperate in creating organisational structures for mentoring groups.

The training course is provided free of charge for participants. The training project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Applications for mentor training in 2017

Training launched in spring 2018

Mentor training provided in spring 2018

Mentoring groups launched in autumn 2018

Exploring induction practices as part of a mentor’s job description in autumn 2018