Celebrating modern entrepreneurs II

Thanida Dharmajiva, founder of Finclass

For the second year in a row, the Hidden Gems initiative is a proud supporter of the #IStartedThis campaign by Inklusiiv. The campaign shares modern stories on entrepreneurship and showcases diverse role models. In this spirit, we are proud to celebrate a Hidden Gems inspired entrepreneur: Thanida Dharmajiva, Finclass. This is her story.

Thanida is an alumna and a former project specialist of the Hidden Gems initiative. She became an entrepreneur in 2020 when she founded an education consulting company Finclass.

Finclass is an education consulting company focusing on connecting Thailand and Finland.  It helps coordinate between educational organisations in Thailand and Finland and guides applicants through application processes. Finclass works together with Finnish universities and public organizations to promote study life as well as employability in Finland to Thai people.

Thanida believes that in education, talents and educators of the two countries will learn from each other more than ever. She is an educator with years of experience in teaching and an expert in higher education institution administration. Thanida graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University and a master’s degree in Research and Innovation in Higher Education from a joint university EU scholarship program in Finland, Austria, China and Germany. She has also worked for Tampere University, where she provided advice and support for the Hidden Gems spouses.

“Entrepreneurship is rewarding as I find myself constantly learning from challenges and be of value to the community”, Thanida Dharmajiva says.

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Thanida is an alumna of the Hidden Gems spouse community. The I Started This campaign is run by Inklusiiv. The campaign breaks entrepreneurial stereotypes and updates the entrepreneurship discussion to the present day.