Hidden Gems is an international spouse programme in Tampere region. It supports dual-career spouses. A dual-career couple is a couple where both partners pursue a career and wish to have a paid employment. They may work in or outside academia. The Hidden Gems spouses are international talents, whose “hidden” expertise is available to local companies.

If your partner is an international researcher at one of the Tampere universities or an employee of an international company in Tampere, you are eligible to apply for our Hidden Gems programme.

Join the Hidden Gems spousal community and get networking, mentoring and professional support in your integration into the Finnish society!

In academic year 2020-21 we run two programmes, and our application periods are June and December.


In today’s competitive world companies need to seek for talents from abroad to answer the increasing foreign operations and innovation shortage.  Up to 80 percent of international talents relocate with their families. When relocating, spouses are often falling off the radar of organisational support, while they need the most career care. Despite their qualifications, spouses may have to stay home for years before finding employment.

Research tells us that the number one reason for international assignment failure is due to the unhappiness of a spouse.  In order to attract and retain highly skilled talents we must tackle this issue and support families.


Hidden Gems programme aims to facilitate the employment and full integration of the spouses into the Finnish society. Hidden Gems promotes the growth and internationalisation by enabling local companies to tap into the “hidden” expertise of international spouses. We can no longer ignore the potential of the expatriates’ spouses.