Become a mentor for the Hidden Gems participants Spring 2020!

Finland can be challenging to get started with your professional life as an international, especially if you are left without resources. If you would like to offer help to an international newcomer and to gain new skills and networks at the same time, become a mentor for the Hidden Gems mentoring programme!

Mentoring is a process whereby experienced professionals impart their knowledge and skills to aspiring talents at the beginning of their careers. Mentoring is a two-way relationship that benefits both the mentee and the mentor. Talent Tampere Mentoring Programmes are coordinated by the Tampere Universities. We offer one mentoring programme in the Spring 2020. The programme is run in English. Apply now!

Mentoring offers you opportunities to

  • develop your communication skills
  • familiarize yourself with principles of coaching
  • expand your network of professional contacts through other mentors and mentees
  • share your thoughts and experiences with motivated students and graduates in your field
  • connect with potential future employees and talented, international professionals

Hidden Gems mentoring programme is aimed for expatriate spouses living in Tampere region and run as part of the Hidden Gems programme. The Hidden Gems aims to facilitate the employment and full integration of expatriate’ spouses in the Finnish society. The spouses wish to pursue their own career in the Tampere region. They come from different countries and career backgrounds.

The mentors will be paired with one or two mentees

We are looking for mentors who are:

  • professionals in their own field
  • interested in different countries and intercultural communication
  • working in the private or public sector
  • fluent in English
  • working in the Tampere region or readiness to travel to joint meetings
  • experienced with at least of 3 years of work in Finland
  • still actively in the work market
  • committed to the programme

Mentoring takes place on a voluntary basis. The programme runs from March until May 2020. The mentors are paired up with mentees and they meet face-to-face about five times. In addition, the programme include two official group meetings.

  • Mentoring Kick-Off on 24th of March 2020 from 17 to 20 pm
  • Mentoring wrap-up on 11th of May 2020 from 17 to 20 pm

If you found these opportunities interesting, then mentoring is for you!  Apply now! On top of all, you will have an unforgettable experience.