The Empowering Migrants for Employment EME project is about mutual learning. Together, the transnational partners in Belgium, Sweden and Finland will enhance their knowledge of good socially inclusive and empowering practices from each country. This will be done by documenting, exchanging, evaluating and adapting good practices, innovative working methods and expertise towards the empowerment, inclusion and better employment of immigrants.


EME project is strongly connected to Catch Up With Work project (Ote työhön), where mentor training and peer groups are developed for long-term unemployed and jobseeking migrants in Finland.

You can find more information about Catch Up With Work project here.


The aim of the Empowering Migrants for Employment project (EME) is to identify best practices on a national level and to share them between project partners on the transnational level. EME project is interested about the best practices that are enhancing the employment of migrants and supporting the recognition and valorisation of their talents. In order to identify the best practices, the national practices will be evaluated in the EME project.

Five transnational visits and seminars are organised during the project. Transnational visits are directed to partner organizations in Belgium, Sweden and Finland. The aim of the visits is to identify and share best practices and working methods to recognise the skills of migrants and to enhance their employment.

The best practices are evaluated and documented in a mutually written method guide. The methods depicted in the guide will also be piloted by the Finnish project partners during the project.

An European network for migrant integration and employment will be built to disseminate project results and try to influence national and international politics and decision makers in migrant-related questions.


European Social Fund has funded the project.

Partners and co-operators

The main partner of the project is Worker´s Educational Association WEA of Finland. The other project partners from Finland are Tampere University, Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki (HELAO) and Silta-Valmennus Association in Tampere.

Partner organisation in Belgium is Emancipatie Via Arbeid (EVA) and in Sweden Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (ABF) and municipality of Piteå.


Tampere University is responsible for the comparative and evaluative study of the project together with Free University of Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB) and European Minds (Sweden). The targets of the evaluation are the best national practices identified and shared in the project, the joint learning process between project participants and added value and impact of the project in a national level. Data collection methods are surveys to transnational project participants monitoring of the learning process during the whole project, participatory observation in transnational meetings and group discussion in every transnational meeting concerning the learning process. Individual interviews of transnational project participants are implemented if needed. The research evaluates the project during development in order to make early improvements and to assist the project in different phases.