Demo Day gathered consortium partners to experience VR demos

A group of men is standing in a room and following a presentation.

XR-SPACE project organized a Demo Day on 12th of May 2023 at the premises of the Tampere University. Representatives of consortium partners were introduced to various demos and they had a chance to experience them too. In addition, partner representatives were able to exchange ideas and discuss next steps related to case studies.

A man stands in the front of the driving simulator Carla.Research assistant John Mäkelä from TAUCHI Research Center (Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction) presented the driving lab, CARLA driving simulator and the truck demo.

In addition, Demo Day participants had chance to explore demos like RemoteFeel, which gives multimodal feedback e.g. on slipperiness when driving an armored vehicle, and COVE VR which enables industrial cooperation. A man sits and tests a VR demo with VR glasses.

A demo simulates vision challenges in a VR environment. One can literally see the world through the eyes of a person with for instance glaucoma, cataract or color blindness.



Photos by Katariina Saarela.