“Cool stuff!” - Benchmark visit to KLM XR Center of Excellence

A person testing large XR glasses.

XR-SPACE representatives from Finnair, Saab, Metropolia UAS and Tampere University visited the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines XR Center of Excellence in Amsterdam on 5th of September 2023 to experience center´s virtual training simulators. KLM has developed an XR based setup for flight crew training and the XR-SPACE team had a chance to see what has been done and how the system is used.

""– Impressive set of apps and demos, described head of the XR-SPACE project, Professor Markku Turunen the center. A man testing XR based flight training simulator.

– We also had the opportunity to experience more traditional training simulators, including some massive flight training simulator s and several cabin crew training simulators, which included e.g. a cabin emergency evacuation simulator. Very immersive with real smoke and motion. However, we did not try the flame simulator for obvious reasons. Great day, Turunen summarized the visit.

A flight simulator at the KLM XR Center of Exellence.







Photos by Santeri Saarinen, Hanna Samposalo and Markku Turunen.