Work engement through social media

The aim of the research project is to explore how professional social media usage is associated with work engagement and more broadly with employee wellbeing at work both from positive and negative aspects.

Latest knowledge on social media usage at work

The project team is analyzing how professional use of social media is associated with young adults’ (born in 1980s 1990s) work engagement.  The research includes focus group interviews (N = 52) and an online survey (N = 563) of five expert organizations. In addition, a national comparison survey (N = 1817) is conducted among Finnish workers.
The research gives comprehensive view on how young adults use social media at work and the association to their work engagement. The results provide organizations with important information on how social media can be utilized to promote wellbeing at work and organizational culture and how to avoid the risks involved. The research also provides new information on societal level of social media usage in the work context.