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This is the project page for Future Senior Housing, Tulevaisuuden senioriasuminen TULE in Finnish. This project aims to map out the current housing practices and models before creating new models for senior housing that support the future needs of the residents, society and organizations.

Background of TULE

The demographic change of society challenges our current senior housing system to develop more options for when people are not capable of living at home alone, but are too well to live in full-time assisted housing structures. Then we speak about intermediate housing options.

Our mission and vision

This project seeks to study these intermediate options that are usually communal in nature and provide various services for seniors. These are more flexible housing options than usual, as they are often based on specific needs of the current inhabitants.

The TULE-project seeks age-friendly housing models and practices that fit the future needs of the people and the society.

We value co-operation and aim to co-create workable models for future housing needs together with multiple partners. We have professionals of the subject field form Tampere University, many organizations, municipalities and cities, building owners and other interested parties. We are mainly working in Finnish but have English speaking members in our team.

TULE focuses also on the economical side of things, alongside actor networks that affect senior housing. The always moving future practices, models and situations challenge the building of senior houses and our project’s mission.

However, working together with multiple views into the matter we can build a wholesome picture of the current situation and then work towards a future model for senior housing.

How we operate

The project group visits many established senior housing sites to study current practices and also conducts interviews from different parties to find out more about senior housing. An optional trip for project members is to Barcelona, where we can get a more rounded idea on senior housing from around the world. Other events as part of the project are seminars and webinars featuring different aspects of senior housing that are held a couple times a year.

Funding and business partners

Tampere University
The Housing Funding and Development Centre of Finland (ARA)
Ministry of the Environment
Ara-Asuntojen Tuotanto Arttu Oy
De Gamlas Hem i Tammerfors r.f. – Vanhain Koti Tampereella r.y.
ES-Laatuasunnot Oy
The Municipality of Hailuoto
The City of Helsinki, HEKA
The City of Iisalmi
The City of Jyväskylä
The City of Järvenpää
Keski-Suomen Jaso Asunnot Oy
Kiinteistö Oy Haapajärven Vuokratalot
Kiinteistö Oy Kärrykartano
Kiinteistö Oy Vetelinraitti
Kirkkonummen Vuokra-asunnot Oy
The City of Lahti
Lahden vanhusten asuntosäätiö sr
Savonlinnan Vuokratalot Oy
Setlementtiasunnot Oy
The City of Turku
The Municipality of Tuusula
Tyvene Oy
The City of Vaasa
Yrjö ja Hanna -säätiö

Also in collaboration:
VTKL – The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older Adults


If you are interested to find out more, get in contact with our project manager Jaana Vanhatalo!

Jaana Vanhatalo