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Smart Work -project

The wellbeing of the employees has a direct connection to work productivity and therefore also to the company’s profitability and competitiveness.

The aim of the Smart Work project is to develop the wellbeing of the employees of the participating micro companies and SMEs and enable the increase in productivity and the improvement of profitability.

The objectives of the project are to develop the operating methods, work processes, interaction skills, interpersonal skills, managerial skills and employee skills of the participating companies and to strengthen the entrepreneurship.

Target group:
The target group of the project includes the entrepreneurs and employees of the companies in the cleaning industry, property maintenance and facility management and pharmacy industry located in Pirkanmaa region and Central Finland.

Measures and results:
Action measures in the project focus mainly on company-specific development including also employee-specific measures. The development targets on a company level are e.g. work and service processes, leadership, competence and development of the work community and teams.

The project organizes workshops for the employees. The aim of the workshops is to identify the issues that are functional, find issues that still require development and collect development ideas. The purpose of the workshops is to create an operating model for the company. The operating model enables employees and managers to interact with each other in efficient manner and therefore the information about development needs reaches the company’s management quickly. The entire personnel will be engaged in the development work.

The experts of the Smart Work project support the companies at all stages of the development work. The common challenges in the industry and development targets in the region are also acknowledged in the project.