RemoteFeel develops next generation remote operation tools. The research is conducted in the following three main areas:

1. User experience (UTA & TUT)

The user experience contains identifying the needs of industry, companies, and users, identifying the possibilities of technology in the context of remote operation, and evaluating the performance and user experience of the developed remote operation solutions.

2. Visual feedback (TUT)

A fundamental requirement for remote operation is to provide visual, versatile feedback to the operator. Visual feedback research focuses, e.g., on sensing the environment of the machine, communicating the collected information efficiently to the remote operator through potentially weak connections, and visualizing information in a meaningful way to the operator.

3. Multimodal interaction (UTA)

Multimodal interaction research focuses on the development of multimodal interaction techniques for remote operation. Through the utilization of multiple modalities, the goal is to improve the remote operator’s situational awareness as well as to create a better feel for the machine being operated.


Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction (TAUCHI) from University of Tampere is a leading Finnish human-technology interaction research unit. The unit consists of four research groups, of which two are part of the RemoteFeel project: the Pervasive Interaction research group (led by Prof. Markku Turunen) and the Multimodal Interaction research group (led by Prof. Roope Raisamo). TAUCHI has strong experience in design, implementation, and evaluation of novel solutions for industrial systems.

The 3D Media Group at the Tampere University of Technology (led by Prof. Atanas Gotchev) has specialized in multi-camera and multi-sensor 3D scene capture, 3D videos, and the optimization of video for various 3D displays. In RemoteFeel, this expertise will be utilized in the form of 360-degree video as well as augmented and virtual reality.

The communications related research and development work will be carried out by the Wireless Communications and Positioning research group led by Professor Mikko Valkama. The participating group has substantial expertise in wireless communications and radio networks fields, covering radio propagation, physical layer radio communication methods, radio access techniques, medium access control and networking layers.

The Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT), jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and TUT, provides RemoteFeel with access to high quality, state-of-the-art research facilities.