Postcape workshop sessions Spring 2021

We are excited to announce the Postcape workshop sessions taking place in 2021.

As a result of the pandemic, we have lost many of the opportunities to interact with and to learn from each other. The Postcapists miss those opportunities and are organizing a series of events on Zoom to discuss and debate current research on capitalism as well as alternatives to it.

Click on the session title for more information about a specific event and Zoom links.

Session 1: Reading circle on authoritarian neoliberalism

12 April 2021, at 11.15 (EET)

At this reading circle, we will be discussing and debating authoritarian neoliberalism. What is it? In what contexts is it relevant? And how to use the concept in one’s own research?

Session 2: Postcapitalism: utopia, topia, atopia

28 April 2021, at 10.15 (EET)

Chair: Anni Kangas (Tampere University)

Tuomo Alhojärvi (University of Oulu)

Tuomo Alhojärvi has recently published a doctoral dissertation on postcapitalism. This event will allow us to discuss this groundbreaking research with the author as well as to hear how the members of the Postcape project are utilizing ideas related to postcapitalism in their projects.

Session 3: Neoliberalisation of academia: from authoritarian contexts to the United States

17 May 2021, at 16.15 (EET)

Chairs: Iuliia Gataulina and Mikko Poutanen (Tampere University)

Pinar E. Dönmez (DeMontfort University) and Anil Duman (Central European University)

Isaac Kamola (Trinity College)

This session is dedicated to the neoliberalisation of academia in different contexts. We will hear presentations from and discuss with scholars who have carried out research on the politics and political economies of higher education in authoritarian contexts (e.g. Turkey and Hungary) as well as in the United States.