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The Future Forum for Real Estate Development, known in Finnish as Kiinteistökehittämisen tulevaisuusfoorumi FutuRED is a project geared towards guiding future projects and the teaching of Real Estate Development at Tampere University.

What is FutuRED about?

The Future Forum is a project of Tampere University in collaboration with various real estate businesses. It’s background is in the Knowledge Center for Real Estate Development, which is in charge of the research and teaching of the field at Tampere University.

The changing trends of the world require changes in how Real Estate Development operates. This project aims to guide the way forward by knowing what’s going on in the field, what is needed and how the different players see the needs. This way Real Estate Development can respond to the changes by anticipating them and making the changes more manageable.

It is a co-operation project that wishes to make ties internationally to better the discourse towards the future. FutuRED aims to be influential in society by its actions and knowledge.

How the project works

There are workshops on differing areas of interest, webinars or seminars yearly and other meetings to share ideas, knowledge and information about the ongoing projects of the field of Real Estate Development.

Along with the projects interests in Finland, there is an optional trip abroad to learn about the current and changing trends internationally.

Multiple organizations are working together and funding the project. They can be seen below as logos.

If you are interested about joining in or learning more, reach out to Jukka Puhto!

Jukka Puhto