Refugee village

KERAKE - Low-carbon Construction in Developing Countries

The aim of the project is to design a removable, flexible, modular wooden building suitable for developing countries and reconstruction areas using carbon-free building solutions.

Unwanted cities

Every day more than 40.000 people are forced to escape from their homes due to conflicts and persecution. In refugee camps there lives a growing number of young people who’s only reality is the camp. This kind of communities were meant to be temporary, but too many of them have turned out permanent. These are emerging cities that no one wishes, and yet, indifference is not an option. Based on this awareness, we need to seek new kind of solutions to design and build them. In Finland, we can join this work by our excellent competence in design, technology and low-carbon construction.

Funded by

The main funder of the KERAKE project is The Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia