Kerake company meeting


Arbo concept was introduced to companies from Etelä-Pohjanmaa region

The Arbo housing concept, developed in Kerake project, was introduced to companies from South Ostrobothnia region on October 7th 2020. The hybrid meeting was held both live at Frami, Seinäjoki, and on the web.

Professor Ari Hynynen started the meeting with opening words and presenting the aims of the project. Anne Viitala from Viexpo gave a presentation on enhancing the export possibilities and internationalization of Finnish companies. Mari-Sohvi Miettinen presented the Arbo concept, starting with the background and aims of the design task and ending up with the actual housing design. Consultant Heljä Brita Repo from AGM Finland was present to answer the companies’ questions about the business options regarding the concept.

Despite of the hybrid model of the meeting, some good conversation arose about the theme. Wood companies from South Ostrobothnia region already have experience from projects regarding sustainable housing for crisis or developing areas. There is international interest in Finnish wood construction due to its’ low carbon footprint and other good features.

Kerake project will continue developing the concept with interested companies to take the spatial concept towards a more concrete design and, hopefully, an actual product.