InnoHEIs project dissemination event May 24, 2022 TAMPERE 


 InnoHEIs project dissemination event 

May 24, 2022 TAMPERE 

Tampere Region Board Members of Technology Industries of Finland were presented about InnoHEIs project results in dissemination event 24.05. at TAMK Campus. 

Tampere Region board members of Technology Industries of Finland, the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies, visited TAMK 24.05. for InnoHEIs dissemination event. They were presented the results of InnoHEIs key results with active discussion and future collaboration planning focusing to RDI-infra utilisation.  The board members group consist top level executives of Tampere Region’s selected industrial companies headed by chairman CEO Mikko Keskinen from Tamtron Oy and Regional Manager Jukka Nieminen as a secretary of board group from the Technology Industries of Finland ry. 

InnoHEIs projects key results were shared in Dissemination event 24.5.2022 in TAMK 

During the discussion part of the dissemination event open comments were shared about Higher Education (HEI) Research and Innovation infrastructures (RII) utilisation, needs and availability challenges.  One of InnoHEIs project key outcome, the virtualised RII’s, was warmly welcomed by the audience as virtulisation of Infras was seen as key solution for the future how companies could learn about the potential and offering within HEIs’ research and innovation environments. Dissemination event was concluded by walking tour of TAMK Campus study visit to FieldLab, TAMK’s testbed for Industry 4.0. 

 Visitors in meeting room