Lucio Azzari - imaging expert at TMC

Lucio Azzari is a postdoctoral researcher and now he acts as an imaging expert at Tampere Microscopy Center (TMC). His goal is to facilitate the work at TMC with advanced signal processing solutions.

Lucio’s expertise is in noise modeling and estimation, denoising, signal representation, general digital image processing pipelines (e.g., quantization, demosaiking, deblurring, color correction). In TMC, Lucio works in a project developing 3D imaging with a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). The high-resolution TEM microscope is suitable for very thin samples (<100 nm) and able to provide atomic scale (0.1 nm) information on the structure and chemical composition. One of the TEM applications is in conjunction with an ion cannon. While scanning a sample, the cannon shots an ion beam to the sample and ‘cuts’ it slice by slice. This process allows the microscope to record each slice of the sample, basically recording its 3D internal structure. To analyze the internal structure, image segmentation has to be performed on each slice, which is the task of Lucio in this project. Before segmentation, frames need to be registered because they are not aligned with the movement of the acquisition sensor. Lucio produced the code that TMC can use for image registration and he is now working on the segmentation task.


Lucio Azzari

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Tampere University