First call projects funded

The Imaging Platform received a number of relevant high quality applications for the first call for projects. In this call the steering group selected the following projects:


  • Image-based Robot Grasping, RoboGrasp (PI – R. Pieters)

  • Seamless Interaction in Virtual Reality for Remote Visual Monitoring with a Network of UAVs (PI – A. Gusrialdi)

  • DCNN Computational Lens for Phase Imaging (PI – K. Eguiazarian) 
  • Selective Plane Illumination Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy (SPIMFLIM): A cell-friendly 3D microscope for (chemical) imaging (PI – H. Välimäki) 

  • Light Field Microscope (PIs – A. Gotchev, H. Caglayan, T. Ihalainen) 

See the Projects page for more details.