Hybrid governance SIG at IRSPM

The Special Interest Group (SIG) observes the need for understanding hybridity as a space in between governments and markets that is populated by institutional activities at different levels. The activities and the global network of the SIG are part of IRSPM (International Research Society for Public Management) organisation.

Hybrid governance SIG gathered together for the very first time at IRSPM 2019 in Wellington. Professors Johanson and Vakkuri chaired the sessions. Almost 30 reserachers around the world spend to days to discuss the nature of hybridity from many different viewpoints.

From our own research group Dr. Harri Laihonen presented a case study from Finland where national-level knowledge structures were developed to create a basis for hybrid governance.

Professor Elias Pekkola talked about nested hybridity in Nordic higher education.

Petra Kokko gave her presentation in Health care track but the topic releated to hybrid governance as well. She proposed a model for evaluating hybrid organizations and presented results from an evaluation, which was carried out in health care.