Special track CFP: Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity

HYPER project calls for papers to a Special Track on “Organizational Hybridity and Fluidity: Possibilities and Challenges for Knowledge Management” at IFKAD.

Hybridity and organizational fluidity are phenomena that are increasingly challenging management. These phenomena blur the previously clear boundaries separating professions and organizational entities, and will inevitably have implications for intellectual capital (IC) management as well as knowledge management (KM) more broadly. However, there has been very little discussion about these implications. This is surprising considering the fact that the practice of KM has evolved and changed rapidly during the last decade. Within this track, we will discuss the future of KM, its possibilities and challenges in the times of hybrid and fluid organizations. We encourage participants to consider the role of KM and IC, for example, from the viewpoints of

  1. Data-driven organizations: data science, decision science or sense-making,
  2. Governance, management and knowledge-based decision-making,
  3. People factor: hybrid professions, self-management, people analytics etc.
  4. Ecosystems, meso-level hybrids, institutional fields, networks, or clusters

Researchers wishing to contribute are invited to submit an extended structured abstract of 500-700 words by 15 January, 2019. The abstract should address theoretical background, research objective, methodology, and results in terms of expected contribution to Knowledge Management theory and practice.

Read more from call for papers and join us in beautiful Matera next June.
P.S. Matera (Italy) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) are the 2019 European Capitals of Culture.