Hybrid governance -related events in Tampere University

Hybrid governance and hybridity were topics for two important research events organized in Tampere University, in 17-18 December 2018.

On 17 December Special Interest Group (SIG) on Governing and Managing Hybridity, in the context of IRSPM, had its first official meeting. The group of scholars, including Marieke van Genugten, Adina Dudau, Philip Karré, Ulf Papenfuss, Matti Skoog, Giuseppe Grossi, Wouter van Dooren, Jan-Erik Johanson and Jarmo Vakkuri, had very nice and useful discussions on the relevance, scope and missions of the SIG. Many thanks to all the colleagues for their contributions. This was an important starting point for the SIG efforts. We will keep all informed about our future activities.

17-18 December our HYPER project organized a research workshop on “Hybrid governance, organization and society: Value creation and value capture”. The program included an excellent set of presentations and debates on these important topics. We discovered a huge potential to understand societal and institutional changes through the lenses of hybridity and hybrid governance.

Research workshop on hybrid governance December 17-18. 2018