Hidden Gems participants sitting on the sofa together.

Services and activities

International spouse, discover Hidden Gems activities:

– Networking
– Mentoring
– Professional development

Join our peer groups and meet new friends, improve language skills and learn about Tampere and its many opportunities!

In the group you share experiences with people in the same life situation and get support in navigating your life and career in the new environment. In many cases friendships are born!

Next peer group will begin in September 2024. Registrations are now open.

Exploring potential, discovering talent

Providing a safe environment for the spouses to build and cultivate a set of social and professional connections in Finland. The aim is to activate the spouses in increasing diverse social networks as a valuable source of peer support, professional contacts and information on job leads.

Group mentoring: Encouraging the spouses to reflect on their career path options and identify their strengths, skills and abilities as well as define a set of goals in Finland. The aim is to strengthen the participant’s self-esteem and turn their expertise into an asset for the Finnish labour market.

Professional development: Familiarising the spouses with options in Finland and new ways to flourish in the Finnish society as well as providing insights on job search and its components. The aim is to establish links between “self” and the Finnish labour market.