Autumn 2023 peer group

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In autumn 2023 the Hidden Gems initiative organises a peer support group for international spouses. The group is open to spouses whose partners have been hired to work in Tampere region, either for Tampere Universities or private companies.

Join the Hidden Gems spouse community and get support in navigating your life and career in the new country!

Peer support group for international spouses

This autumn our new Gems will begin their journey into the Finnish society while receiving support from their peers. The peer group aims to empower in integration into the Finnish society as well as to provide an arena to build social networks. The meetings are facilitated by a mentor/coach. You will receive ideas and tools how to develop yourself professionally and how to prepare for employment in Finland. You will learn to identify your personal and professional strengths and make an action plan for the months to follow. On top of that, you will have an opportunity to attend a Finnish course. Participation is free of charge.

In the group, you are encouraged to share feelings and insights on the process of adapting to and navigating in a new culture. A peer support group is a safe place and an enjoyable and rewarding experience when all members are committed to supporting each other, therefore commitment and active participation are required of you. In many cases new friendships are born!

The group meets on Tampere University city centre campus in September and October 2023. The working language is English. After the Hidden Gems group you are encouraged to continue your journey in the events organised by Tampere-based associations and organisations as well as the International House Tampere and its partners.

Sign up here by 31 August 2023  Edit 1.9.2023: The sign-up is closed. We thank all candidates!

Future steps

We will review candidates’ profiles and pay special attention to your motivation and commitment to attend the group meetings. We can accept approximately 25. We will contact all candidates by 4 September. The first group meeting will be held on Mon 11 September at 15-17.

If necessary, some of the meetings may be organised online. We reserve the right to make changes.

In case of any questions, please feel free to email us at You will find guides for international newcomers on relocation to and settling in Finland in the Articles and Guides section.


Networking, mentoring and professional support in your integration into the Finnish society!

Providing a safe environment for the participants to build and cultivate a set of social and professional connections in Finland. The aim is to activate the participants to see the diverse social networks as a valuable source of peer support, professional contacts and information on job leads.

Group mentoring
Encouraging the participants to identify their strengths, skills, and abilities, to reflect on their career path options and to define a set of goals in Finland. The aim is to strengthen the participants’ self-esteem and turn their expertise into an asset for the Finnish labour market.

Professional development
Familiarising the participants with options in Finland and new ways to flourish in the Finnish society as well as encouraging them to come up with individual action plans for the months to follow.


Hidden Gems is an initiative by Tampere Universities community. Initially, it supported the spouses of international university researchers. Recently, the activities have been opened to other spouses who have followed their partners to Tampere, too. Over the years, the Hidden Gems initiative has organised a variety of activities related to networking, mentoring and professional development, as a key for talent attraction and retention within Tampere Region. In the academic year 2023-2024, peer support groups are the activity offered.