GenoNurse Kick-off Meeting

A 3-year long GenoNurse Erasmus+ Cooperative Partnership project was launched into full speed in online Kick-off meeting 1st of February 2022.

The GenoNurse project and its Kick-off meeting got special launch through kind and encouraging words of honoured guest the Vice-President of Tampere University of Applied Sciences Kirsi Viskari.

The GenoNurse Kick-off meeting brought together our consortium members from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK, Finland), University of L’Aquila (UniVAC, Italy), University of Ljubljana (UL, Slovenia) and University College Cork (UCC, Ireland)

The Kick-off meeting contained introductions of each partner institution and their team members, orientation to the project implementation and administration. We also agreed on venues and forms of working together as well as communication channels to be used for different purposes.

The beginning of our joint Erasmus+ project on the important topic of genomic informed nursing care was reality, finally. The shared enthusiasm was palpable and the atmosphere was warm and active. The preparation phase and application process through online meetings had gathered us already together but the real project kick-off did feel special. We felt like meeting with special friends who were just happy and ready to start working together.

Let’s kick-off the development of genomic informed nursing care education for better future health and well-being.


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