Genetic and Genomic Nursing Education - GenoNurse Project

The main goal of this international GenoNurse project is to create an educational and competence model of genomic information for nursing education and
educate nursing teachers and students to use the GenoNurse model.

Training in genomic information supports high-quality nursing care in this new and sensitive area of ​​healthcare

Genomic nursing is a fairly new topic in Europe. Genomic information has been a part of medical research for some time, but has been almost completely absent from nursing research. Currently, genomic information is already used in cancer treatments, and it has been studied a lot in connection with the prevention and treatment of folk diseases.

Future nurses must have the genomic informed nursing care competency to respond to this rapidly developing area of ​​nursing care, and therefore, the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals must be developed.


Project Consortium

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), Finland, project coordinator. University of L'Aquila (UniVAC), Italy. University of Ljubljana (UNILJ), Slovenia. University College Corr (UCC), Ireland. Funded by Erasmus+ Cooperative Partnership