Regional Networking in Genomic Data - Fighting Against Cancer

Regional Networking in Genomic Data has been one form of co-operation in Pirkanmaa region among Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University Hospital and FICANMid, (one of the five regional cancer centers in Finland).

The GenoNurse project has been in close cooperation with Tampere University Hospital and FICANMid since the initial stages of the project. In November 2022, we jointly organized a national webinar, Genomic data in researching cancer. The webinar had around 300 listeners from all around in Finland.


The topics of the symposium were:

  • Genetic information and its possibilities in cancer treatment
  • The GenoNurse project
  • Gene panels and their interpretation
  • Activities of the gene-directed cancer treatment working group – experiences
  • The patient’s perspective How can genetic information be useful in the treatment of cancer – practical problems
  • The official’s view on new marketing authorizations for medicines and the introduction of medicines

Participants were asked for feedback, based on which the next 2023 event will be planned. Overall response was very positive and encouraging. The impact through regional multiprofessional events is a highly needed and a unique way to present local and regional expertise.

Text Arja Halkoaho and Nina Smolander

Picture: Mari Laaksonen, 2022



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