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Would you like to share your experiences of living with a gendered chronic condition? We collect data on experiences of fibromyalgia in English.

Fibromyalgia research

My name is Ahalya Ganesh and I’m a PhD researcher in the Gendered Chronic Disease, Embodied Differences and Biomedical Knowledge (GenDis) project, where my sub-project focuses on the illness of fibromyalgia and experiences of living with and managing fibromyalgia. 

I am looking for interviewees who have lived experience with and a clinical diagnosis of fibromyalgia, who speak English and have experienced the Finnish healthcare system. I am hoping to understand what it is like to live with fibromyalgia, how you perceive the illness and how you navigate the healthcare system. Your information will be treated with confidentiality and identifying details will be removed from the interview transcript. I am looking to conduct the interviews either on video call or in person, depending on what you would prefer and where in Finland you are placed.

If you are interested in sharing your experience with fibromyalgia through an interview, contact Ahalya Ganesh (

If you would prefer to write in your account of living with fibromyalgia anonymously, please use this form or email


Privacy notice for the GenDis project (PDF)