Panel "Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences" in Oulu, 1-2 December 2022

The GenDis project organized a panel on “Gendering illness: Patient activism, clinical encounters and embodied differences” at the Gender Studies Conference 2022, University of Oulu, on 1-2 December 2022. The panel included three sessions addressing endometriosis, fibromyalgia, hormonal migraine, fibroids, pediatric pain and the #MedBikini social media campaign. Themes included embodiment, affect, social media, health activism, different modes of knowledge and expertise, and gender, race and age. The papers were discussed by Matthew Wolf-Meyer from the Institute for Advanced Study, Tampere University.

Thank you all for the lively discussion!

List of presentations:

  • Henni Alava (Tampere University): “Why are they almost all girls? Clinical understandings of gender in persistent pediatric pain”
  • Ahalya Ganesh (Tampere University): “On living with fibromyalgia: A literature review”
  • Penelope Lusk (University of Pennsylvania, USA): “#MedBikini: Gendered Physician Affect, Activism and Knowledge Creation”
  • Venla Oikkonen (Tampere University): “Living with hormonal products: Negotiating effectiveness, side effects and availability in the treatment of endometriosis”
  • Lilli Aini Rokkonen (Tampere University): “Changing landscapes of migraine patient activism”
  • Maria Temmes (Tampere University): “Conceptualization of endometriosis in a clinical setting”
  • Fabienne Valmond (University of Helsinki): “Black, single women with fibroids trying to conceive with donor sperm in Finland: intersectionality between race and gender”

    GenDis team in Oulu
    The GenDis team in Oulu