Gambling in the Digital Age

Gambling in the Digital Age -research project investigates new forms of gambling and the risks involved among Finnish people, focusing on the context of the Internet.

The fusion of gambling and digital gaming in the context of the Internet

Gambling has become increasingly online-based. The aim of the Gambling in the Digital Age -research project is to investigate the increasing role of the Internet in gambling and the gambling habits of Finnish residents. A further aim is to examine the fusion between online gambling and digital gaming, and the risks involved in the new forms of games. Gambling in the online environment enables the formation of virtual communities around the activity which may reinforce gambling and contribute to gambling problems.

Data collected in the project allows the investigation of online gambling but also the analyses of more traditional gambling habits as well as digital gaming involving monetary features. Additionally, the project investigates the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on gambling and digital gaming habits of Finnish adults.

Funded by the Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies 2021-2024