Judit Tóth (University of Szeged): Adult Education should be prioritized in Hungary

Judit Tóth delivered the presentation „The shortcomings of adult education and opportunity to become an active citizen” at the Innovation – Innovative, Learning public administration Conference workshop held in Budapest at 18th of October 2018 organized by the National University of Public Service (NKE) and its research team at the Faculty of Public Administration financed by the EU.

Tóth emphasized the importance of adult education and revealed that the state’s tasks for early school leaving could be classified into three groups: prevention, early-intervention and compensation. In Hungary, the prevention mainly focused on early childhood education, career orientation and flexible learning paths, but more needs to be done to establish an inclusive school atmosphere. Regarding intervention, the early signaling system would be the most important.

In addition, the speech briefly introduced the key points of the EduMAP project and the selected Hungarian good practices. The significance and different approaches of active citizenship were also highlighted in the presentation.

As a result of the research, certain conclusions could be drawn concerning Hungary, such as establishing an institutional dialogue between decision-makers and experts are needed, and a policy should incorporate retrospective monitoring and impact assessment. Moreover, according to the communication pattern, community building and creating proper platforms, with particular attention to social media, is needed to involve vulnerable young adults into adult education.

Unfortunately, adult education has not been a governmental priority for a long time in Hungary, even though more and more young people would need for such education, second/last chance training. Therefore, adult education should be prioritized in our region and country, and EduMAP project represents an important step on this road.


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