EduMAP good practice cases

A total of 40 ‘good practice’ cases from 20 countries were studied during the project. Examples of good practices have been sought in the EU and Turkey. This section presents key features of all good practices studied in the project.

40 good practices studied in 20 countries.

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Good Practice

AUSTRIA ”Support Programme for Young People to Identify their Personal and Professional Paths”
CYPRUS ”Migrants Centre”
DENMARK ”Young Refugee Integration Programme”
ESTONIA ”Work Embedded Vocational Education”
FINLAND ”Preparatory Education for VET”

”VET in Prison”

”Virtual School”

FRANCE ”Second Chance Schools”
GERMANY ”Youth Integration Courses”

”Culture and Integration”

”Youth Forum”

GREECE ”Roma Action Plan”

”VET for long-term Unemployed”

”Transgender Intervention”

”Non-formal Education for the Homeless”

”Social Integration of Migrants”

”Empowering NEETs”

HUNGARY ”Ethnic Minority Colleges”

”Student Mentoring Programme”

”IT training and Self-development Programmes”

IRELAND ”Informal Participation Project on Barriers in Education and Employment for Ethnic Minority Young People”

”Socio-cultural/Sports-based Informal Education Programme”

ITALY ”VET for Young Unemployed”
LATVIA ”Validation of Informal Learning”
NETHERLANDS ”Coding Skills Development Programme”
PORTUGAL ”Entrepreneurship VET”
ROMANIA “VET programme”

“Labour Integration Programme”

SPAIN “Labour Integration Programme”

”Leisure time Monitor Training”

”Computer Repair and Maintenance VET”

SWEDEN ”Labour Integration Programme”
TURKEY ”Integrated Community Centre for Syrian Refugees”

”Women Entrepreneurs in Soma”

”Vocational Course for Syrian Women”

UNITED KINGDOM ”Mentoring Programme”

”16-19 VET Programme”

”ESOL Programme”

”Gateway Programme for Unemployed Young People”


[…] Please note that these working papers refer to country-based adult education programmes that are listed and described here. […]

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