The popularization of CaPs results continues in Tampere

CaPs researchers have spread the knowledge and discussed their research findings in two recent public events: the Tampere Smart City Week and a seminar on participatory crowdfunding.

Tampere Smart City Week (TSCW) took place online 22.-29.1.2021. In conjunction with TSCW, an international conference took place as well. In this conference, targeted at a professional audience, CaPs researcher Lauri Vuorinen participated in a panel discussion on citizen participation. The other participants of the discussion entitled “Reaching out to people – how to get people to participate?” were Kelly Keodara and Riikka Salkonen. Kelly is the founder of the international community Bloom Tampere. Riikka works as a customer experience manager for the Tampere regional transport.

In March, the cities of Tampere and Tuusula organized a seminar on their experiences in participatory crowdfunding. The term refers to a funding mechanism, in which a city promotes its citizens’ own activeness in urban development by participating financially in crowdfunding campaigns led by the citizens. The CaPs research team at Tampere University have studied the campaigners’ experiences of participatory crowdfunding. In the seminar that took place on the 23rd of March, Lauri presented findings from this interview-based study.