Black Carbon Footprint

The aim of BC Footprint is to develop a BC Footprint concept that can be used as a uniform metrics for the BC, covering the whole chain from BC emissions to atmospheric BC concentrations and climatic effects.

Do you know what is your black carbon footprint?

With various internet calculators, anyone can estimate their CO2 emissions from everyday activities. Companies use the carbon footprint tools to demonstrate their environmentally friendly practices towards the consumers. But how about the black carbon footprint?

The aim of the BC Footprint project is to develop a scientific basis create in-depth knowledge about BC, including measurement methods, BC emissions, ambient BC concentrations and their transformation during aging to create the BC Footprint concept that can be used for calculating the BC Footprint of a certain action or a product. Ideally BC Footprint concept should be flexible and applicable to different purposes. As a part of conceptualizing BC footprint, the link from BC emissions to climate impacts that are commensurate with other established climate impact metrics such as CO2 equivalents at different time horizons should be developed. The project also considers the health aspects of BC emissions.