Five A-WEAR ESRs have successfully presented their research areas at the XXXV Finnish URSI Convention on Radio Science

The Finnish National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) and the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences of Tampere University organized the XXXV Finnish URSI Convention on Radio Science on 18th of October 2019, at Tampere University, Hervanta campus. A-WEAR team has led a special session on “Wearable computing” during the morning session. The session started with a general presentation of A-WEAR program, made by the A-WEAR Project and Trainer Manager, Dr. Aleksandr Ometov.

ESR1, Asad Ali had a presentation on the Mobility-Aware Analysis of Directional Deafness in mmWave Communications, by emphasizing the need of novel mobility models to better quantify the wireless directional deafness problem in future 5G communications with multi-antenna arrays
ESR2, Lucie Klus, discussed the challenges and open research directions in dealing with large amount of data crowdsourced from wearables.
ESR3, Viktoriia Shubina’s talk concentrated on the tradeoff between positioning accuracy and user privacy when future wearables are to be endowed with positioning and tracking capabilities.
ESR11, Justyna Skibinska gave examples of applications of deep learning techniques in the electroencephalogram (EEG) Analysis
ESR13, Raul Casanova Marquez addressed various security protocols for anonymous communication using wearables and constrained devices.

The presented papers are available in Zenodo open-access repository, under the A-WEAR community.