black and white picture of Olli Pyyhtinen

Prof. Olli Pyyhtinen (PI) | PhD, docent (sociology) 

Olli Pyyhtinen (PI) is Professor of Sociology at Tampere University, Finland, and the founder of Relational Studies Hub. His research intersects social theory, philosophy, science and technology studies, economic sociology, and the study of art, and he is the author of for example More-than-Human Sociology (2015), The Gift and Its Paradoxes (2014), The Simmelian Legacy: A Science of Relations (2018) and Simmel and the Social (2010), and co-author of Disruptive Tourism and its Untidy Guests (2014) and Tervetuloa jäteyhteiskuntaan! (2019; ‘Welcome to the Society of Waste!’). 



black and white picture of Ulla-Maija Sutinen

Ulla-Maija Sutinen | D.Sc. (Business Administration and Economics) 

Ulla-Maija is Postdoctoral Research Fellow and the project coordinator at WasteMatters. She has her background in the discipline of marketing and consumer research. Her work has focused on sustainable consumption, food waste, social practices and social marketing. Her doctoral dissertation conceptualised the potential of socio-cultural perspective for social marketing when fostering food waste reduction. She has experience in working in national and international projects revolving around the topics of food waste and consumption. In her research, Ulla-Maija is highly interested in looking at the mundane, everyday practices of consumption and how they change from the theoretical perspectives beyond the individual.  



black and white picture of Stelios Zavos

Stylianos Zavos | PhD, MSc, MEng 

Stelios is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at WasteMatters. Before joining the team at Tampere University, he was Research Associate at SASSI (, where his doctoral interests in architecturally designed, urbanely governed sociomaterialities were expanded to encompass practices and events related to waste, sustainability, and infrastructural configurations. Stelios’ research is transdisciplinary: situated within the social sciences and scrutinising through empirics, it borrows from contemporary philosophical currents and feminist technoscience. His research aspires to bring conceptual approximations slightly closer to the situatedness of everyday experience, while problematising our ways of thinking and knowing about habitats, their relationality, and their associated ethicopolitics. 



Francisco Martinez | PhD (Anthropology)

Francisco Martínez is an anthropologist dealing with contemporary issues of material culture through ethnographic experiments. In 2018, he was awarded with the Early Career Prize of the European Association of Social Anthropologists. Currently he works as a postdoctoral researcher at WasteMatters and convenes the Collaboratory for Ethnographic Experimentation (EASA Network). Francisco has published several books, including Remains of the Soviet Past in Estonia (UCL Press, 2018); Repair, Brokenness, Breakthrough (Berghahn, 2019); and Ethnographic Experiments with Artists, Designers and Boundary Objects (UCL Press, 2021). Also, he has curated different exhibitions.



Black and white picture of Alma Onali
Photo: Pekka Holmström

Alma Onali | Doctoral Researcher (sociology) 

Alma is a Doctoral Researcher at Tampere University. Her academic background is in media studies and cultural studies. Before joining the WasteMatters team, Alma worked as a journalist in one of the biggest newspapers in Finland. Specialising in foreign news, current affairs podcasting, feature writing and business journalism, she covered topics ranging from energy to retail to food production. Alma’s theoretical interests revolve around posthumanist and new materialist theories, and she has a special interest in methodology building in these fields. In her research, Alma takes a closer look at human-plastic relationships, aiming to find out what kind of becomings these affective, material-discursive encounters bring forth. 




  • Prof. Natália Cantó Milà (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)
  • Prof. Gay Hawkins (Western Sydney University, Australia)
  • Prof. Pekka Jokinen (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Prof. Thomas Kemple (University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • Prof. Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Prof. Elina Närvänen (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Prof. Jussi Parikka (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Prof. Sarah Pink (Monash University, Australia)
  • Prof. Peeter Selg (Tallinn University, Estonia)
  • Prof. Jarno Valkonen (University of Lapland, Finland)
  • Prof. Steve Woolgar (Linköping University, Sweden)
  • Dr. Maria José Zapata Campos (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)